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tattoo removal

The PhiRemoval procedure is useful in removing old permanent makeup and the distasteful tattoos that you got when you were young. Some people would like to remove body marks that remind them of their long-lost relationships. Individuals who have been struggling with their bad makeup should take this opportunity to change their lives forever

How Does This Method Work?


The PhiRemoval procedure used glycolic based solutions which penetrates one’s skin when applied. These solutions are applied manually using 2 point or 3 point needles. A motion which is almost similar to tastacato is performed on the upper layer of the skin to assist the glycolic solution in pulling up this ink/solution. The technician should make up about six passes on the treated areas before applying the neutralizing solution. This solution is applied to stop the reaction initiated by glycolic acid. The who process takes about thirty minutes. The numbing of the client is done after applying the neutralizing solution.


You should start wiping out the treated area for about 3-5 times daily using a non-abrasive soap and damp cotton. This process is helpful in removing lymph and enhancing the formation of a scab. A skin balm is also given to the patients to aid in the protection and healing of the affected area. To facilitate healing, the client should avoid saunas, excessive sweating, pools and tanning beds for the next one week. In addition to this, body or facial treatments should not be performed on the treated areas for 3-6 weeks after performing this procedure.

What to Expect

After the treatment, the treated areas might be sensitive to touch. A scab which contains unwanted ink is then formed after some days. A secondary scab is then formed thereby pulling more ink out of the affected areas.

Number of Treatments Needed

Some clients have permanent makeups that have been removed from facial areas. For great results, these makeups should be removed by one or two treatments. The small tattoos are hard to remove, in fact, some of them require up to six treatments.

What You Need to Avoid After Treatment

lady sauna

  • Exercise, facial or body massages for one week
  • Peeling off the scab after this procedure
  • Hygienic and decorative cosmetics
  • Sun baths, solarium, and sauna for two weeks

Side Effects

After treatments, the treated areas can experience redness (erythema)- This is an effect that diminishes gradually leaving the client’s skin perfectly normal.