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tattoo removal

The PhiRemoval procedure is useful in removing old permanent makeup and the distasteful tattoos that you got when you were young. Some people would like to remove body marks that remind them of their long-lost relationships. Individuals who have been struggling with their bad makeup should take this opportunity to change their lives forever

How Does This Method Work?


The PhiRemoval procedure used glycolic based solutions which penetrates one’s skin when applied. These solutions are applied manually using 2 point or 3 point needles. A motion which is almost similar to tastacato is performed on the upper layer of the skin to assist the glycolic solution in pulling up this ink/solution. The technician should make up about six passes on the treated areas before applying the neutralizing solution. This solution is applied to stop the reaction initiated by glycolic acid. The who process takes about thirty minutes. The numbing of the client is done after applying the neutralizing solution.


You should start wiping out the treated area for about 3-5 times daily using a non-abrasive soap and damp cotton. This process is helpful in removing lymph and enhancing the formation of a scab. A skin balm is also given to the patients to aid in the protection and healing of the affected area. To facilitate healing, the client should avoid saunas, excessive sweating, pools and tanning beds for the next one week. In addition to this, body or facial treatments should not be performed on the treated areas for 3-6 weeks after performing this procedure.

What to Expect

After the treatment, the treated areas might be sensitive to touch. A scab which contains unwanted ink is then formed after some days. A secondary scab is then formed thereby pulling more ink out of the affected areas.

Number of Treatments Needed

Some clients have permanent makeups that have been removed from facial areas. For great results, these makeups should be removed by one or two treatments. The small tattoos are hard to remove, in fact, some of them require up to six treatments.

What You Need to Avoid After Treatment

lady sauna

  • Exercise, facial or body massages for one week
  • Peeling off the scab after this procedure
  • Hygienic and decorative cosmetics
  • Sun baths, solarium, and sauna for two weeks

Side Effects

After treatments, the treated areas can experience redness (erythema)- This is an effect that diminishes gradually leaving the client’s skin perfectly normal.

woman sitting on beach

Love every nook and cranny of your body. Yes, I have said it, love yourself. Who will love you if you don’t make the move first? Loving yourself means taking care of yourself and redefining who you really are. Neglecting yourself will only place you in a tight spot. Every area of your body needs care and attention including your anus. Though some of us might think that it is not necessary, it is. How else are you supposed to feel confident in yourself? Better still, anal bleaching is one way to make you look and feel more attractive.

Many ways to take care of your anus

woman with blaster bikiniYou may probably be hearing of anal bleaching for the very first time in your life. That’s okay because it is never too late to learn something new. Contrary to popular beliefs, anal bleaching is not as complicated as most of us may have viewed it. In fact, it is the simplest of procedures if you follow all the right steps.

You can decide to do it personally at home or to have it done at a local spa. Presumably, you have done your research thoroughly and are ready to do what it takes. Not to mention the fact that you are the one with the say about everything that happens to your body.

Your past is just as bright

This means that you can get your booty to be just as bright. Don’t look down upon it just because of where it is located. It deserves the VIP treatment just like other parts of your body such as your face. With this in mind, you will be obliged to give it your all and look for the best anal bleaching products while you are at it. Come to think of it; you always need to have the upper hand when it comes to the anal bleaching products you use.
Most importantly, get the most accurate information here on anal bleaching before taking matters into your own hands.

Anal whitening for everyone

Contrary to popular beliefs, anal whitening has taken the modern times by storm. It is not just for women as has been wrongly and widely perceived. Instead, even men who are conscious of matters to do with their personal hygiene are turning to anal bleaching.

This is for the simple purpose of setting things right down there and being able to maximize on pleasure during the sexual escapades. It is even better for those who have seen the light and are doing it the right way.

Benefits of anal bleaching

This is not just a regular trend which wears off with each passing day. It has brought along loads of benefits we are set to enjoy if we try it out. They include;

1. Better sexual performance.

They say that to have great stuff happening in the outside world; you should make it happen in the bedroom first.Anal bleaching is just the backup you need when everything else seems to be going awry.

woman with purple bikini

2. It boosts your self-confidence.

This is especially so when it is summertime, and you have to go to the beach.

woman with smooth skin

Good skin care is very crucial for women as its success defines their character. Every woman desires to get a smooth and well-toned skin throughout as it enhances their beauty. Using a facial mask is one of the best skin care you can give to your skin. Pilaten skin care company offers you one of the best facial masks ever alongside other skins products of superior quality. It comes a time when you want to buy a facial mask for your skin, consider the following tips.

Tips when choosing a facial mask

Consider your skin type

woman wearing makeupDifferent people come with different skins types, and the major categories are dry, oily or normal skin. Each skin type needs entirely different handling. Since the face is the center of attention for everyone, then utmost care to give it the best is necessary. Reading the labels or speaking to your beautician is necessary before trying any new facial mask. Clay based masks will get along well with oily skin as they tend to absorb the oil from the skin. On the other hand, people with dry skin will need moisturizing and hydrating types of facial masks.

Consider the ingredients

Well established brands respect the power of natural products in helping the skin to glow. They also know that chemicals will bring adverse effects to many peoples’ skins. Therefore, they concentrate on making their products using natural products. They not only use natural products but use the finest products after a thorough research. Such products soon gain popularity and give the best results. Therefore, you need to consider such for the good of your skin.

Buy only from well-known brands

woman with a facial maskReputable brands produce the best. For them to reach where they are, it means people have confidence in their products. You can take chances as well since there are higher chances of getting excellent results. Be cautious or totally do not try the very new products in the market unless they are from a well-known brand.

Consider the cost of the mask

Price can tell you what kind of a product you are dealing with. If the product is too cheap in price, it should send a message that they have probably used low-quality products. The price should be fair and affordable but again not too high. You may compare with other high-quality products to weigh the options. Choose well to get value for money and above all have a glowing skin.