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woman with long hair

If you are a lady and you want to add the length of your natural hair, then hair extensions are the best solution you need to consider. Also, if you want to maintain your hair, you can use these extensions. However, after you have braided your extensions, it is essential to know how to remove them. This is because they will give you a hard time if you do not know some of the steps to consider when removing them.

The natural hair extenders are made from beautiful hair that is processed without any acids. Only food grade materials are used on these extensions. Also, it is essential to know that most of these hair extensions are heated in ovens while some are prepared by a hand in small batches. With an extension, you can make many hairstyles such as Afro Kinky. Therefore, when you want to attach your extension, make sure that you look for an expert to help you out.

Tips for removing braided natural hair extensions

Use a comb

hair extension This is one of the easiest ways you are required to use if you want to remove your braided extensions. Therefore, starting at the end of a braid, you need to comb your extension downward. When combing your extension, ensure that you do it gently. As you go on combing, the extension will come out. However, it is advisable to gather several braids and try to comb them at once.

Have someone remove the extension

This is also another tip you may consider if you want your braided extension to be removed quickly. You can ask your close friend to remove you the braided hair extensions. Also, you may prefer to go to some of the salons in town because there are some that offer hair extension removal services. However, the cost of this service will depend on the experience and speed of the extension stylist.

Cut the extension

This is one of the fastest ways you can remove a braided hair extension. However, before you cut your extension, you are required to know where your natural hair ends. After identifying that, now you can cut off the extension. Make sure that you are careful if you are planning to use this method and know where your hair ends.

Wet your hairblond extension

This is another method you can use when you are removing your braided extension. You need to fill a bottle with water and saturate your extension and natural hair. By doing this, you will loosen the braids.


For every woman, fashion is something that you have to live with every day. Women from various parts of the world follow new fashion trends like their whole life depends on it, and it sure does. The way you dress will create an impression that people will never forget. In addition to that, you can gain your confidence through fashion.

Therefore, it is important to know how to keep up with the latest trends so that you do not keep doing the things that have already been overtaken with time. To help you in buying the best trending dresses, visit the Prestije Online Shop to choose from a wide variety. Here are some of the top trending clothing fashion for ladies.

The tiny print dress is still a hit

black dressYou should also not throw away your print dress just because there are new trends. In fact, you may end up buying it sooner than you think. Looking at the latest best-dressed fashion icons, you will notice that some of their outfits would not be complete without that tiny print dress. In fact, there are those who specialize in this look, and they make it look so timeless. One thing that you will like about the tiny print dress is that you can wear it with a wide variety of accessories and other clothes.

The crop top is going nowhere

If you thought that women will be moving on from the craze that has been created by the crop top, you need to think again. There is more to this style than you can think. What you may not have noticed is that as the seasons go by, this top becomes even better. And there now are many ways that you can wear the crop top to suit whatever occasion that you may be planning to wear it. Therefore, go out there, find the crop top that suits you, and enjoy the style.

The boots are back

bootsOne of the features of fashion that keeps reinventing itself is the female boots. It has been around for years, but it remains relevant. And now, you should be even happier because boots have just come with a whole new style. If you look at the latest arrivals, you will notice that there are new designs that you may never have seen before. They also vary in the height of the heel, the height of the leg that they cover, and the general appearance. Because of this, you can wear them with shorts, pants, skirts, and even your favorite little dress.


If you are looking for the top trending clothing fashion for ladies, you also should know where to buy the clothes. You should be thinking about the accessories that go along with them so that you create that super look that you have always wanted, and join the list of the best-dressed ladies.