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The Bourne Series

There are few authors around who could write fantasy novels and spy novels with equal ease. Eric van Lustbader is one of those flamboyant authors who could do so, and has done it consistently over the years. His talents are best exhibited in his works, as an author with multi category talent, who has penned numerous fantasy novels and spy novels. One such example is the Bourne series.

Eric Van Lustbader was chosen among his contemporaries to prolong the Bourne series. The original Bourne series had been the creation of Robert Ludlum, and eventually, Eric got the opportunity to write the fourth novel of the best seller series.

His works in the Bourne series captivated the minds of the readers, and the initial work in the series was an instant hit. The first by Eric Van in the Bourne series was the Bourne legacy in 2004, which established his credential as a spy novelist.

What unfurls in the Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy plot unravels as Jason Bourne joins Georgetown University as David Webb, a professor at the university and then he decides to meet his old friend from the CIA, Alex Conklin, after being shot at.

He eventually finds Alex dead, when he goes to meet him. The dead list also includes a doctor by the name of Morris Panov. The struggle of Jason Bourne begins as he tries to find who killed Alex Conklin and the doctor. However, there is another twist in the tale, as his son khan couldnít be recognized.

A misunderstanding ensues, which makes the novel more interesting. Finally, Khan rescues Jason Bourne, from the clutches of Spalko, the villain in the Bourne legacy, and kills Spalko. The story ends happily as Jason Bourne is able to recognize his son Khan.

The Bourne Betrayal

The Bourne Betrayal was the second novel in the Bourne series written by Eric Van Lustbader in 2007, but the 5th novel in the overall list of Bourne series. The novel has been as intriguing as the first Bourne novel by Eric. Remarkably, none of the old suspense was missing in the story.

The Bourne Betrayal saga is a tale of terrorists playing havoc with the CIA, as they went on and captured the CIA deputy director Martin Lindros. The plot takes the centre stage in the mountainous region of Semein.

The story is full of suspense and drama, and you would love every moment of your involvement with this book.

The Bourne Sanction

The Bourne Sanction was published in 2008, and the tale has a very different approach to all the earlier novels. The 3rd Bourne novel by Eric Van Lustbader, in the Bourne series, was written about the Russian killer Arkadin, who belonged to a group called Kazanskaya.

The story revolves around how Arkadin manages to save Borya Morks from the prisonerís assault and make the way out of the prison. The story is worth the time spent on it.

The Bourne Deception

The Bourne deception was written by Eric Van Lustbader in 2009, and it seems to carry at least one character from his earlier novel, the Bourne Sanction. Arkadin exploits could be read in the books, but the real story is about an American passenger airliner and how it was shot down. Jason Bourne attempts to find the killers, and that is probably the crux of the story.

The Bourne Objective

Eric Van Lustbaderís final novel published to date in the Bourne series is the Bourne Objective. The Bourne Objective was published in 2010. It carries a story which involves a fight between Bourne and Arkadin.

Each of the Bourne series is an epic in itself, and caries a strong flavour of mystery.
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