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Eric Van Lustbader

The writer of more than twenty bestselling novels including 'The Ninja', 'Black Heart' and 'The Floating City'… Eric Van Lustbader is one of the most famous writers of the 20th and 21st century. The website ericvanlustbaderbooks is dedicated to his books, including the latest releases. Being the author to continue the Bourne series after Jason Ludlum.

He has an immense fan-base all over the world. Ericvanlustbaderbooks gives the reader a look at his bibliography that includes everything from The Pearl Saga, The Sunset Warrior Cycle, The China Maroc Series to The Nicholas Linnear/Ninja Cycle and the continuation of the Bourne series from Jason Ludlum after he finished The Bourne Ultimatum. This website has a separate page for the writer's fascinating biography. Eric Van Lustbader is also famous for writing numerous fantasy novels, which include…

Sirens (1981)
Black Heart (1983)
Zero (1987)
French Kiss (1989)
Angel Eyes (1991)
Batman: The Last Angel (1992)

The above are some of the best fantasy novels that have made their mark in the world of fantasy. A new book entitled Last Snow has been set for release in 2010.

Jason Bourne was a character created by Jason Ludlum and captured the whole world's imagination with the novel and the film adaptation by director Paul Greengrass.

After it featured in three of Ludlums novels, Eric Van Lustbader has taken up the responsibility to continue the saga with "The Bourne Legacy". This also features on this website with pages ready to take the readers into the world of Jason Bourne.

Lustbader is also famous for writing several thrillers that were also successful in capturing the world's attention. Eric Van Lustbader's legacy started with his first novel, The Ring of Five Dragons. This site pays tribute to the great writer and to keep the readers and his fans updated about the latest happenings in Lustbader's life.